Rural town shop difficult to do business

in the current tide of entrepreneurship, rural villages and towns have become a hot place for entrepreneurship. However, although many entrepreneurs, but such a geographical location, want to start a business success is very difficult. In short, difficult to do business in rural towns!

our village is the town center village, is also the town of business service center, the early rise of a commercial street. My home is not far from the commercial street of the bus transfer station, a provincial highway across the road, every time the car to go home for the new year, at the intersection of the familiar, everything seems to be no different.

however, in turn was found two days, one year "floor" similar, each year is different, the "main" street or the street, people are not necessarily or those who store business is constantly changing.

was at the crossroads of a less than 20 square shop, two years ago, last year to sell children’s clothing to sell spicy duck into the barber shop today. When the three storey building next to the newly built is a large supermarket clothing, a building, two floor, third floor men’s dress shoe, in order to distribute leaflets, propaganda, every mobile car horn, back and forth in the town of advertising, did two or three years collapse, has now become a furniture city. Opposite the front of a shop, once selling machinery accessories, electric hoist, and later became a restaurant, and then later is a barbecue shop, and now sell beef noodles, spicy snacks.

Superior traffic location

the street had to rely on the provincial highway, from the beginning of 90s, the development of a number of hoisting machinery factory and machinery parts and components sales based retail shop, a lot of people while selling parts, we assume some maintenance and welding operations, so some people get rich.


the people in the village to see the opportunity to do this business, the market gradually saturated, coupled with the township private enterprises lack of competitiveness, in fact, the profit is very low, from the original nearly half of the profit rate is now 10%, which led directly to the downstream industry spare parts sales is not optimistic, shrinking the size of the original, collapse, many engaged with the lifting industry related store, now have a number of hotels, kindergartens, sell daily necessities store.

in our street at a distance of less than two hundred meters, the hotel is only six, year-round operation is two or three, some of the other is often change, some are newly opened, my uncle home a house store have done their own hotel, not just business. To rent to others to do the hotel business is not good, not two years left, then leased to a sell pickles, 5000 yuan a year (100 square meters) of the rent, but also not to earn money, no characteristics, market stalls selling pickles and cheaper than he has insisted for two or three years to go the. Now sublet to a fertilizer store.


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