Business to join the brand successful entrepreneurs do not worry about the whole

women’s choice of joining the project, in our lives, has been very much concerned about the project selection. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to join the women’s entrepreneurship program, successful entrepreneurs do not have to worry about!

a, how to locate women’s clothing:

discount brand franchisees have a customer over a new store, the idea is: when to take over a lot of goods, and then do the original goods, soon found not suitable, which is why do not go home. Customers immediately adjust the price, then that special low price of clothing, expecting to have a good sales, practice is still ineffective, because the former stores for nearby consumers did not do the detailed analysis and the investigation, no product positioning and other aspects, the customer changed several times after the discovery of the problem. According to the features of a large shop around the factory, do discount women and girls, according to the consumer behavior and the ability of local consumers, will gradually wear women’s discount in less Sandra, leisure girl after an investigation to determine the location, brand advantage, finally determined to join the brand.

different levels of consumption and the region should have a different product positioning, middle-aged women career, high income, wear stress, strong consumer strength. The middle-aged female body fat to buy clothing, not very good looking, high requirements for the quality of style. In response to these characteristics, the selection of targeted products positioning, the final confirmation of the brand. At the same time to consider the same style and quality, the price is much lower than the mall counters, how to compete with the mall to get a greater advantage is also more important. So the choice of the brand is very important, is the best in the local well-known brand shopping malls counters, so that customers can agree on your clothing, if customers have concerns, to recommend her to go to the big shopping malls counters to see the goods, I come here. Although the shopping mall in the style I do not sell, but the same brand of clothing style is very similar, the same quality.

in the choice of location, must be y investigated, investigated the local consumer market, consumers love what kind of clothing, also the lack of what kind of clothing stores; investigation sources, you can get what kind of have the advantages of supply. And so on the information and other details as far as possible.

two, women’s wear shop choice:

is the specific situation according to the personal economic situation with the local people, consumption habits and other aspects to consider, most of the time for the shop is not completely in accordance with their own wishes, you love where there is no empty shop, you don’t love the place empty shop out, this time to consider, most of the time can only return and take the second. And according to the specific location of choice and their own clothing brand characteristics and their own economic strength to make a comprehensive decision.

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