Who is responsible for store display

do a good job of store display, the development of the store’s business will have a very important influence, this is a question every operator knows. However, the store in the end who is responsible for the display, which is plagued by a lot of shops, resulting in the process of the work carried out a lot of problems prone. So, who is responsible for the store display?

one summer, Chen Lieshi came to a two storey store shop inspection, found before can also store display, now become very bad, and then to the manager about the situation.

display: "the store display, how poor ah, who do?"

Manager: "is a small V do, she is our exhibition commissioner."

display: "your merchandiser is not a small A? Where’s little A?"

Manager: small A home something, a few days ago left, and now is a small V to do the Commissioner, she is responsible for the store display, she did not do well on display, you come, just teach her."

display: "wouldn’t you? Teach again? This is your fourth store commissioner."

Manager: little A her family now has something to leave, I can not do it."

display: "old things to do?"

has seen a lot of similar things, three served as Commissioner of the commissioner before leaving, there must be a reason. I once asked a clerk who said so:

"I love the display, also had their own initiative to do the store display specialist, but after doing column Commissioner, each of the display is a person I do not help, do not have the steering to be scolded, often asked many times, and we are here in the two floor the store, each tune for a long time, sales of natural a lot less, now the monthly wages are less than before about 1000 yuan, do more and more hard, but less money, but also often scolded, I still do."

assistant merchandiser or display do not come, the manager orders the other clerk to help, are ultimately do things carelessly. The most fundamental reason is that any one of the shop assistants are not responsible for the shop, in the eyes of many clerks, as long as their performance is done, and many other work is to deal with it.

so how to deal with this situation? To solve this problem, we must first understand another question: who is responsible for the store?


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