The name of the house to join what advantage of octopus balls

small octopus, ha ha, you not wrong as Tao Yin sweet Oh, Xiao Bian to say here is a snack, Yuuna Aki burn, originated in Japan, Osaka, formerly known as " ", octopus; its history dates back to the big time. Is the founder of the famous Japanese gourmet — Mr. Endo Ruyoshi, known as the characteristics of tender crisp skin, delicious cheap, become the quintessence of Japanese snack known to every family. Octopus balls in various regions in Southeast Asia as early as the popular, become the area of emerging food. The main components of the small octopus octopus, octopus powder, dried fish, seaweed, salad sauce, octopus sauce etc..

house of the octopus balls came from Japan, with a unique flavor in Japan for 60 years, has a population of 1 billion 300 million China, is a huge and lasting market, its taste is constantly changing, formed many series, wide consumer choice. The name of the house of small octopus brand in the country has nearly 500 stores.

house of the octopus balls join advantage:

1, store design and decoration: according to the company’s design with the customer decoration progress, confirm the decoration effect and design plan.

2, personnel training: the shop staff to guide the training.

3, opening preparation: the company plans to help open before the publicity campaign plan.

4, the official opening / operational guidance: after the official opening of the company will be based on the actual situation of the local market on the overall operation of the customer’s thinking and store sales staff to further guide the sales means.

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