God horse search President Liang Jie a new generation of entrepreneurs three breakthrough

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in which we live is the best domestic venture period, a large number of talents into the entrepreneurial team, the capital market is also frequently set off boom, there are several new financing was announced every day, every industry segment may have a $1 billion company there.

today, with the concept of the Internet is very fire, entrepreneurship is also very hot. But there is a problem, often with friends to communicate with me, with ten years ago when we started doing UC compared to today’s entrepreneurs want to find differences or breakthrough seems increasingly difficult.

in fact, whether you are in the Internet or in the traditional field of entrepreneurship, as a new generation, are looking for a breakthrough in the following three dimensions: new technologies, new models, new ecology.

first, new technology. More than two years ago, Oculus made a display technology, to give users a new immersive experience of virtual reality experience, many game companies use this technology to develop their own games and achieved success. More than two years later, Oculus was $2 billion acquisition of Facebook, which is a typical example of pulling through the new technology breakthrough. The new technological breakthrough process requires a lot of technical accumulation, accumulate steadily. Such as batteries, if the battery can get new breakthroughs in the field, we will have a great leap in the electric vehicle market. Over the past ten years, regardless of capacity, weight, or cost, the battery is still very little breakthrough progress. Therefore, to some extent, technological innovation is scarce.

second, new model. Most entrepreneurs will be innovative breakthrough in the pattern of innovation, is to use new methods to do the old market. In the Internet has a lot of advantages of using the Internet to connect the advantages of traditional things to do a good job of the case, the most typical is the Internet banking. Balance treasure advantage of the rapid growth of the Internet, all of a sudden the size of the funds pushed up to 600 billion, this situation is difficult to imagine in the past. Model innovation in terms of technical difficulty is relatively easy to some, but it is not difficult to find that this model of innovation must be based on the existing business of deep accumulation, the threshold is actually very high. With the balance of treasure for example, if you put aside the foundation of Alipay hundreds of millions of users, is actually very difficult to succeed.

third, new ecology. Ecological concept is relatively large, so many entrepreneurs will feel that this is a big company needs to consider the issue. In fact, everyone in a new environment, new ecological, more is a kind of thinking method about: how to create new value for our downstream users and new environment? The most typical example is Ali ecological, in the new business system of industrial chain not only millions of sellers at the same time, great prosperity of the logistics industry, including around the buyers and sellers of the financial services industry has gained great development. In addition to these big, there are many entrepreneurs around the new produced format did a lot of meaningful attempts, such as the field of logistics by all express, Crowdsourcing, many people use idle time to do city to express.

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