Jiangsu graduate entrance examination how to use rubber cheat

with the development of science and technology, our technology level continues to increase, but also will bring many crooked ways. For example, the following Xiaobian for everyone to introduce this cheat artifact eraser, the use of the test is obvious!

cheating in the exam this year, but also to be held criminally responsible. Recently, Jiangsu, Xuzhou police announced the organization of cheating in the exam.

2016 national graduate entrance examination, Jiangsu normal university exam, a candidate behave weird, he after the examination for forty minutes, first put on the toilet, but the toilet inside him to turn a few laps and then back to the room. After half an hour, the candidates once again put forward to the toilet, which led to the examiner’s suspicion. Invigilator found that the candidates back to the examination room is always looking at the rubber on the hand.

police station in Jiangsu, Copper Mt., said the use of cheating candidates, is a rectangular, similar to the shape of the rubber, the outside is a plastic shell, which has a display with a display of. After being examined by the inspector, the candidate quickly offered two other candidates for cheating. Arguably, there are radio control measures around the examination room, the airwaves can not cross. How do these three candidates receive answers by rubber?

police, this device is using a method of micro wave, its frequency just outside the radio control range, but in the examination, the receiver will fail, so the candidates that demands on the toilet, so as to receive the signal. Soon, the suspect sent the answer was also arrested. Immediately instructed the police found online sellers, at present, the 5 suspects have been transferred to the procuratorial organs.

China’s exam oriented education, the results of the exam, in many cases, are deciding the fate of the candidates. So, a lot of businesses spotted the candidates this psychology, providing all kinds of cheating methods. In the future, the relevant departments will be a serious blow to the illegal phenomenon.

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