The moziqiao as Chengdu drift is the first choice for innovation and Entrepreneurship

with the continuous improvement of infrastructure and policies of innovation and entrepreneurship in Chengdu, all kinds of Rong drift came to Chengdu, I hope in such a city full of opportunities, you can realize their entrepreneurial dreams for many years.

At the beginning of the year by the well-known

, a first guest directed hit off the original concert in Wuhou dream theater opened, more than 300 guests enjoyed an original music feast, to a baptism of the soul, to feel the infinite power of innovation and entrepreneurship, which is implemented in Wuhou District hit a miniature passenger culture the construction of the.


culture gravity

"moziqiao" hit off the landmark

moziqiao originated in the Tang Dynasty, so named because of the shape of a stone stone arch bridge, famous in the late Ming Dynasty and early Qing dynasty. The moziqiao has been stopped men of literature and writing of the tourist resort, where the literati Love River, stone arch bridge, guihuayuan, poetry and painting, but also love lanterns in the night down, can also be seen in the city of Chengdu Wangjiang Park is one of the most innovative cultural symbols representative of Xue Tao.

moziqiao has been changed, has not left the culture and technology leading innovation and entrepreneurship, this is real feelings of Chengdu famous folklore expert Liu Xiaochang. Liu Xiaochang believes that the moziqiao has known it, not buried in the long river of history, is the moziqiao at different times are endowed with different connotations, and this cultural gene has not been interrupted.


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