Mobile phone film 60 billion market profit know how much

for the majority of mobile phone owners, mobile phone beauty, can make your mobile phone has changed. For entrepreneurs, the creation of a colorful magical myth of wealth.

mobile phone beauty imperative;

staggering profits;

reporters in the online inquiry found that the shop price of all kinds of mobile phone film is not the same, each is about 1 to 5 yuan. A reluctant to disclose the name of the film owners told reporters that his daily profit of at least 100 yuan. When the film to selectively, in addition to craft outside the price all by fudge. Relative to the roadside stalls of the price, the price of regular film stores and shopping malls inside communication is even more outrageous, in the chain of mobile phone stores, iPhone6 special film out of business packaging and price are not the same, there are more than ten kinds, prices from 50 to 300 yuan.

we in a city area, look at the mobile phone service in the end how much the market: set up a city with a population of 5 million, every 10 in 8 that there are 4 million mobile phone, mobile phone, mobile phone with every year for three for 80 yuan, 50 yuan purchase and maintenance. Battery accessories, such as 50 yuan, the annual amount of the city’s mobile phone market at least in (80+50+50) × 4 million =7.2 billion yuan, as long as you share in this market in one percent, the annual number of profit? Of course, this is only a theoretical figure, but it shows a huge market potential.

Huiyanshizhu   to seize 60 billion of the market

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