n fact the success of the nternet entrepreneurs have traces of eighty percent

Internet companies are rapidly developing, but the success of few, referred to the success of the domestic Internet companies, as Ma said: every enterprise success is different." The rise of Baidu in search, Tencent dominate in social orders, Ali to electricity, millet originated from the fans, thanks to the music as ecology…… Each Internet company has a different gene, their success and the company’s own natural genes are closely related, it is difficult to imitate the entrepreneurial learning. But we seriously think about the research will find that Internet companies in the success of 80% are a trace.

one, the founder of a unique personality

mentioned the success of these Internet Co founder, Ma Yun, Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi, Wang, Wang Xing, and so on…… We will find that they all have a very unique personality, and it is this personality makes it a unique personal charm. Under the influence of the founder’s personal charm, the enterprise also gathered more talents. They believe that with the founder of the company, can have a good future.

Although the

founder of every Internet Co has its own unique personality, but they had had strikingly similar quality, business acumen, Ming potential, but not stubborn, persistent execution, courage, in addition to the main character, many successful founders also have a very strong learning ability self reflection ability, etc..

two, adhere to the product based

Internet entrepreneurs, is a user centric business, product experience will directly affect the user’s fate. Many entrepreneurs have failed, is not from the user’s point of view, the user experience of the product is very poor. Throughout the domestic success of these Internet Co, they attach great importance to the user experience of Internet products. Obviously, to create a good product user experience, naturally inseparable from the technical support.

a good product experience, can not be separated from the two technical factors, one is the technical strength of the team and product design capabilities, and the other is to be good at using the technical strength of external companies. For the team to build the internal technical strength, the key lies in the construction of the technical team, but for the external company’s technical strength, which requires the selection of some professional and technical strength of the company. Take at home such as BAT, millet, drops, hungry, Jingdong, the U.S. group, WeChat, 360, unfamiliar street, a nail, rice and other products company application communication function, they chose Ronglian communication services.

Ronglian communication services is the packaging of professional communication capability as the API interface, web, desktop and mobile applications can be easily embedded calls, meetings, call center, call, SMS / intelligent mobile IM five functions. In order to let these Internet products easily network calls, IM, voice verification code, voice notification, voice intercom, voice conferencing, video calls, video conferencing, call center, outbound marketing, intelligent IVR and other 20 kinds of professional communication skills. At present, >

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