How to drink tea in Taiwan

open a different geographical characteristics of the restaurant is also a lot of investors are more interested in the road of entrepreneurship, such as food gathering in Taiwan. Taiwan snacks or drinks are both full of regional characteristics, for example, you want to open a beverage stores, you can open a characteristic of Taiwan drink shop, choose what the project is good, editorial recommendation of

to your sweet teaWith the rapid development of

city economy, people’s life rhythm is faster and faster. Tea shop has been in the streets of the city can be seen everywhere, a large number of large consumers dazzling brand. Many restaurants do not know what to choose to join the brand, so many brands, sweet tea is a very good choice.

Taiwan drink tea degree?


has a different style of decoration, but the taste of the same, there is no too much new taste, not to bring new surprises to customers. It is based on such a market, with a new degree of sweet tea taste and taste into the market, the impact of people’s concept of milk tea. This drink low a micro tea brand high-end creative concept, healthy and fresh is the goal, and the fusion of ancient brewing techniques, is a very cultural connotation of the drink.

In the market competition,

is a very competitive brand. On the modeling and other brands are very different, there are four kinds of gray black gold color, the top is the steel material, showing a strong sense of modern, with a wealth of Chinese elements. Give consumers a new visual experience. At the same time, tea is not only willing to develop new products, constantly breakthrough self, improve product and brand image, to provide the best products to join the franchisees, franchisees see is low risk of franchising, is committed to building a good platform.

is also a huge market demand, according to the relevant departments of the data, the annual beverage market has 10 Cup sales, 50 billion of the market demand, there is such a word, than to choose, choose a good brand, it is half the battle, sweet tea and other brands have a very clear distinction, more welcome to consumers.

Compared to

and other brands of tea, Gan after a period of operation, has established a consumer brand viscosity, have a certain amount of customers, consumers in the choice of tea, sweet tea is more willing to choose. Taiwan drinks to choose what is good, choose not to be wrong.

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