Several conditions for making English Websites

recent Chinese website Google unit price dropped significantly, especially a lot of garbage site, which led to many personal webmaster and began to shift direction, want to try to use English website to obtain income. In fact, no matter what you do is the same, a thing to succeed, nothing more than two aspects: first, your conditions; two, your efforts. If you do not know English ABC, and then yell every day, said to do English station, but also want to make big money, it is impossible. In addition, if you have to do English station, then your efforts are essential! Just like a lot of people are in fact to be a singer, how much effort but the day after tomorrow to decide what you can become a real singer.

conditions for English speaking station:

1., English proficiency at least to see the general understanding of the situation, will write better,

2. is already familiar with the network, at least understand the basic principles of SEO, at least once a popular keyword to do Baidu or Google’s first page

3. time is relatively abundant, have patience, because English station do need more time to pay attention to, often some of the famous English website, so it takes time and experience, if you do not have so much time and so much patience, or do Chinese website. As a Chinese station after all to see where we need to go to the side of the news, not pay attention to other sites, and you can always create original content, and English website due to copyright issues, you can create your content whenever and wherever possible.

4. has a certain web technology, English station if you want to succeed, sometimes technology is very important, a small technical innovation will be very easy to attract attention.

if you can reach the above conditions, it will be feasible for you to do English station at least, not at least hungry, better than Chinese stand. As far as success is concerned, it depends on how hard you work.

article from English SEO Studio: hope to do English station friends often come to communicate!


editor comments: Admin5 thank you for your contribution, if you do not know the English ABC, and then yell every day, saying that you want to do English station, but also want to make big money, it is impossible. Very good。

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