Some suggestions on choosing the most valuable space quotient for the junior stationmaster

for the current rapid development of the Internet brings unlimited business opportunities, operating websites or using web sites to advertise themselves, more and more owners and businesses are paying attention to. Similarly, the Internet virtual product provider seized the opportunity. The virtual hosting providers are becoming more and less sophisticated. Even a virtual space to a large number of shoddy, not only makes the customer deceived in the quality of the virtual host. What is more important is the great instability of the website access, which directly damages the interests of the customers.

now, the market for virtual space has become a malignant, irregular competition. Particularly in terms of price, direct misleading the customer’s final choice. This is often the direct cause of customer deception. A surface marked the same performance of virtual space, your price may reach thousands, cheap only a few dozen yuan. Same server. The performance of the service configuration determines the stability and speed of the virtual space. But how do you know the service provider’s configuration is good or not? It’s not in your home. It would be nice to just say "good" before you buy it. So it’s important to find a good service provider.

such high integrity, high-quality service providers, in fact, a lot of domestic. For example, civilink ( new network ( which is the early development of the hosting service providers, the space quality and reputation are well received. But they are not good quality, good reputation, we must find them to buy. Because their space is more expensive than other service providers. A lot of junior station owners are not going to consider buying their space. So they try to find good quality, stable and cheap service providers. This service providers are actually a lot of domestic. Don’t understand why people may ask why the same quality of domestic server with high reputation services such as: network, new network will sell so high. In fact, this is very clear reason. Just as we buy the same quality clothes, because the brand is different, so the price is often different.

in addition, there is another point is that the platform features more and less, convenient and complex, but also feel that the virtual host price is another factor. But I think these functions are unnecessary. For example, at 2007, I worked for a company, took charge of the company’s Web site, bought a G space for the western data (, and put $1010 into the Forum (frankly, very expensive). Later, I went to Xiamen, an Internet company (name forgotten), but also bought 1g, only to spend about 400. In fact, the two spaces, I feel very stable, very high speed. Basically, there is no phenomenon that can not be accessed. But there is one difference. Obviously, I think it is the main factor to distinguish the price. WD ( provides the background features very full, such as online antivirus, heavy server and so on is very much, and customer service service is very good, there is a dedicated customer service team in Xiamen, but that is not the same as the backstage function is not so much, but the basic functions of all, it is not good >

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