Some views on district network operation

SEO about 3 months, two months before is to do their own station, a day is about 10 sites to spend more than 12 hours lying on the computer get yourself a month to do it, which is a site area network: Guangzhou Shipai village network ( Although I have not really established a profit model until now, I feel only in one step of the effort – propaganda, here’s a little of my opinion.


district has the characteristics of network and other sites are not the same, that is the object on which it is targeted, such as my net Pai Village is mainly for Guangzhou Shipai village, this determines the site when propaganda must have the key point, not too broad


2, residential area network propaganda way: SEO is good, but when you do for the residential area network is a very small range, such as my Pai Village network, the SEO role is often very limited. But more important is the entity publicity (after all Internet search "Shi Pai Cun the small local people every day in the 30 following) such as leaflets bombing the whole village (of course, but also has some relevance), and very effective advertising advertising! But it’s not on behalf of SEO is of no use, I the website is part of the IP is from Baidu, especially when you take the time and wide range of key words a little bit, my website is the keyword expansion to the whole of Tianhe District, whether it is Tianhe District or Tianhe District search computer training to find work, Tianhe District rent, my words are on the first page.

3, a specific object. The general area of network visitor consists mainly of three types, according to my personal opinion: one is over advertisers, such as rent, recruitment and other business information; the two is to find advertisers, such as looking for a job, looking for a house; third is to come to play, come to pass the time of work or boring when the. So, if you want to send a flyer, you must be sure about these people, especially those who have computers.

4, about the net profit model: personally think that we all know that in addition to advertising, in fact, the SEO project is a potential return, after all the district network if you do a good job, popularity, so se snapshot update soon, PR tends to improve, to Links components of other sites are also quite natural foot. To do when the SEO project, the high quality of the chain is not at the


, just talk about it. I hope I can give some friends some inspiration. Original text: Guangzhou website production blog: & Guangzhou SEO Blog:

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