What can the webmaster for the 2010 nternet trends do

2009 SNS flourishing a, in 2010 what subject will be red, little brother is not here, in this cast a brick.


, what is


price is soaring, the fight is the fight off, piecing together the meaning. The meaning is to fight off with the least money to do great things. For example: carpool to work, live together and so on.

2, why fight off local red

?The big storm

the financial crisis has not in the past, to reduce wages, soaring prices will continue to fight off once again brilliant also will be born. Workers are keen to buy or do what they want to do with a small amount of money. Now the release of information is most like in some local portal forum, no special website, isn’t this opportunity to


3, how to do a good job in a place like

?This is where

should fight off. Not only gorgeous coat, rich content, a more useful information can be captured like a spell of eye. Moreover, less graphics, SEO or good. The theme of information classification is inevitable, such as high plate, car plate. It is possible to build several new plates, such as work, team work and so on. Where there are Pinker local information advantage, businesses can create local living one-stop discount card, to fight off more sense of belonging.

4, local maximum profit how to fight off


also said before, the local inherent advantages, to win over local merchants advertising is a move, not only profitable, but also for the webmaster to do a good foundation for interpersonal relations. In addition, the webmaster can according to local construction needs, contact the merchant, the sale of construction required products, the price difference, it is self-evident.

as the 58 task network advertising (http://s.www.58task.com/), through this platform, our webmaster charge intermediary costs, to provide their contact information and fight off.

this post is a gem, I hope we can brainstorm, in 2010, grassroots station for many years.

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