Ylmf Lai Lin Feng individual website expansion most afraid of the problem of talent

May 19th news, the famous site navigation station 114 (www.114la.com) founder Lai Linfeng said in an exclusive interview with Tencent technology, personal website in the commercialization process, the most important thing is the talent problem. Especially important positions, once the talent problem is not handled well, the expansion of the site will suffer setbacks.

It is reported that

, 114, is the first by Lai Linfeng and other 2 people to create, just a few years time, the "wind" mini team also gradually expanded to 28 employees of small companies. At the same time, 114 also from Baidu hao123 many competitors stand out, become one of the millions of well-known Web site traffic. Ylmf also acquired the 115.com domain name, to enter the U disk and network aggregation search business.

According to Lai Linfeng

, the company currently has a wind moved to Dongguan Industrial Park, the new office building can accommodate more than 300 people work together, the company also plans in the next two years will be the development team to 100, currently part of the core position is vacant.

Lai Linfeng believes that companies in the expansion, the future planning ideas are easy to specify, funds, servers, bandwidth and other hardware support is easy to prepare, but the talent problem is a difficult bottleneck.

"on the one hand, the old employees lack of time to learn and exchange, to the company’s sustainable development has also led to pressure enhancement; in the introduction of new, and there may be some problems in the team, familiar with the work." Lai Linfeng explained.

Lai Linfeng expresses, individual website employee is not in general level at present, also lack dilate experience and theory, be easy to fall into ideal, utopian trap, because this must bring in new person. However, if the introduction of new employees to influence the original unity, it must also bear the pain, to select talent.

in his view, the concept of employees and the company’s cultural integration is also an important factor, not only high pay to retain talent. In addition to good treatment, companies must also focus on talent, career planning and vision, so that each employee can find their own value in the company.

Lai Linfeng finally said, "a good feature of Internet Co is: Despite the huge number of users, in fact, do not need too many employees.". The real talent vacancy often in the development of new projects and expansion, so the company can not blindly expand up hiring, to avoid the embarrassment of being forced to lay off the end of the project.

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