Talk about my experience and experience in building a website for one month

my domain name is registered in August 22nd, but the real site is No. 24, so today just over a month, take a lot of detours, hoping to give the novice webmaster friends some help, do stand experience believes that many webmaster friends all know is very tired, I also found in this little emotion, ha ha good, so anyway, germane.

because of the analysis of my website, so we understand, I’m a little AD, ha ha, my station is called sexy beauty nets, first say register domain name.

1, a registered domain name have a lot of attention, the most important is to let visitors remember, which will give you the site early to bring some back, there is the best name and website, the search engine will give some relative weights, relevant keywords ranking will do other than the domain name and website no Related words have the advantage there is a problem worthy of notice, that is the domain name registration check before the domain name is K, give you a web site,, you want to register a domain copy up, if not being registered, will prompt, sorry, no matches, otherwise they will be registered before month display if, before being registered, then you have to check whether the domain name search engine K (mostly by K before being abandoned With the Baidu site: domain name), can, if included, so not what relationship, if not included, and the reverse link, it may be a problem, if not included and the reverse link, this is hard to say, you see the general character.

2, choose the

space, if possible, it is best to buy their own servers, or at least not have to rent to the independent server, so many websites are not afraid of the same server, which the site was K, so you will be affected, because the same IP, you will be the search engine, mistaken is cheating implicated, the server should be stable, so as not to search engines crawl your site can not access the server, if such a situation occurs frequently, your site will be right down

3, now began to speak I do stand experience, No. 24 start station, download the Dede program and template, uploaded, about half of the time the basic database is installed, after the program planning, began to call the label, about half of the time to do these, then need to do is to refine the website template because, to do related keyword optimization, keyword optimization is quite profound, he has also been working on, just know some fur, welcome to communicate with friends here, a small group of 46610427, AD, hope you don’t mind, HOHO, germane, first title, mate and keyword are important, to highlight the core keywords, as far as possible the accurate description of the content on the website, but also to avoid keyword stuffing, general >

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