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Abstract: I suddenly saw their entrepreneurial passion outside of things: Chicken play more, but also to conceal my anxiety and loss, go there to find the physiognomist comfort; of madness, the kind of people; to earn more, also have their own emotional hobbies.


in the depth of winter, dry and cold, the sky of Beijing rare blue, dead trees and poles of Zhongguancun Street business as usual.

is still a crowd, still pulling luggage, with curious eyes and 3W coffee pilgrims.

went to a few pioneering street, also calculate have an acquaintance. Contact with entrepreneurs, they will show you the other side of entrepreneurial passion.

good fortune teller

3W to stay in the coffee room, most of them are ready to sit all day. The majority of men, are holding a notebook in silence. Some people are tired, looked up like sleep. At this time, I was on the table next to an uncle suddenly asked me, "what are you doing?"

I told him and gave him a business card. He pointed to a few books on the table and said, "I did it." I see, is full of Zhouyi physiognomy books


was a little stunned, I asked him, "you have been here long?"

for seven or eight months. What’s your date of birth? "He’s going to give me a second.

"no, let’s not count. I’ll have something to talk about." I looked into his eyes and thought, make people looks strange ah Yi, the long eyebrows like longevity like weng.

"business is good. The first time I came here, I found out that someone was looking for me." Uncle said, there is no way to get the investment, there are market trends. Also specifically to find the boss over, let me give the plant to see feng shui. Hey, this is not, I have an appointment with the guests." He pointed to the door. I turned and saw a girl came with a smile. I want to hide in the side.

after a while, a young boy sat down with them. Uncle pointing to help them together. Two people look at the earnest uncle’s mouth, it seems eager to see a future from his mouth.

in the seven or eight months of Uncle long stationed in 3W, I do not know how many entrepreneurs find comfort and loss from him. Much anxiety and expectation, will let entrepreneurs put their hopes in the arena physiognomist tongue?

Madness Behind the cordial and sincere

Zhang Hailong is sitting in the 3W cafe, chatting with a man and a woman. I thought he was being questioned by reporters again, but he was very happy to tell me that the two friends were collecting patents.

he is still very sincere, courteous and considerate to him

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