Using typesetting information in Web design

author @ @ Liu Ming, a member of the micro-blog UDC design center. In this paper, we can find a good layout design, not only beautiful, more of the information content organization and arrangement, the orderly, clear, easy for users to efficiently and accurately obtain relevant information.

this requires designers to understand the information content, improve the organization and processing capabilities of information content, and design the content as the design elements, according to the principle of design.

begins by talking about "Metro" – developed by Microsoft Corp, and the internal name is "typography-based design language" (based on typesetting design language).



Metro is based on the Swiss graphic design principles (clear, true, beautiful), derived from the traffic signs.

people in a hurry to depart, need to provide a fast, simple, direct, clear design.

now the Internet is not the case, the rapid access to information at the same time, the deluge of information, complex disorder, concise wind of the hearts of the people – to reduce elements, to show the essence. Good typography helps Web design be more concise and effective.


typesetting is the organic arrangement and combination of limited visual elements, so that the logic is clear, the reading is smooth, interactive and convenient, and produce a good experience.


Rams’s 10 principles of good design (innovation, practicality, beauty, simplicity, humility, honesty, time, detail, environment, Jian Jie)

typography has long been used in print media, newspapers, books, magazines, and also for Web design, but the characteristics of Web make it different:

interactive (actionable, instant response, state changes, requirements, not only beautiful, but also easy to use)

presentation media (PC, mobile, tablet, TV, projection, etc., need to consider size and color)

Technology (HTML and CSS upgrade, support for Web layout is better and more efficient)

multimedia (text, pictures, video)

makes typography more complex, more difficult, and more challenging in Web design;



not deviate from the basic principle of layout is still to be – > planeconstitution follow

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