Why do say that fresh electricity supplier is a false proposition Demand determines the bottleneck


The news of a large number of two senior

throwing himself into the river has just passed, and recently the eldest brother has been warned again. I can not help but look back ruefully at the white and tender side, are pretended to be calm, chanting Buddhist meditation master.

: I would like a complaint you shave off your beard what? Did you know that you little beard are not…… Hey… This is not Wu does not work, you don’t do bandit, you want to be a scholar? Come on you! What to do to change the image, you mountain thief this very promising occupation to


about this passage, you can try to use the "IT men" and "fresh" to replace the "bandit" and "champion", the conclusion is also the perfect basic establishment.

many IT people are warmly discussed by electronic means to make fresh, go back the head singing, than " only you" the master also firmly, sadly most people did not understand what is fresh "immortal".

electronic refrigerator, this is simply a false proposition.

talks about electronic commerce before talking about electronics.

I’ve always thought that the word "e-commerce" is a wrong word at all. In my opinion, the scope of electronic technology is partial technology and conceptual categories, such as Taobao, such as Jingdong, such as those large and small buy site. And business is biased towards products and markets such as apples, such as NOKIA, like kfc.

the former regards service, technology, process, art and so on as the core competitiveness, while the latter pays attention to R & D, supply chain, marketing, product and after-sale. To say a big vernacular, the difference is actually very simple, an invisible technical services sold, a selling things to see.

powerful Jingdong, such as Taobao, you may have seen their own brand of clothing production, mobile phone, or milk? And bovine X like apple, you have heard of Jordan announced the integration of major brands in the industry as a global mobile phone platform? And there is no McDonald’s KFC will win customers a bestie alliance a

platform?Specialize in


there is an interesting example around, a pair of university friends and couples, when they were studying e-commerce professional, after graduation, the husband did a web site’s main programmer, his wife is a newspaper business executives. She and I often complain, two people in the cause is completely on the website that he husband will add a function to make the business success, and she thinks the garish do better, as in the selection of products more effort.

at this point, I think that from the point of view of electronic services, her husband is not biased, and from a purely commercial point of view, her wife is right.

you see, the world is so contradictory.


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