Software mass information hazards Adsense had to know

over the mass of information from the web site is down right or be K, but if you also encounter Baidu down the right site how to do? K is a very troublesome work, of course, what are the treatment method is time problem, by sending information to site is down right or be K after the restoration of the.

one, the scourge of mass, the use of software mass information harm

how to prevent the next mass, and cause the website to be down right, I have to investigate how much damage the mass brings us, so I can not repeat the same mistakes.

website is dropped right: it is weight to be reduced, a lot of key words perhaps just end, key word drops in rank, even do not have rank.

1, snapshot time: if your site snapshot time difference is very big, and some even one or two months, then there can be Baidu down right.

2, website ranking: This is a very crucial factor, if your site before the ranking compared to before, and then your ranking is lost to the 30-50 page to not even ranking, this also can be Baidu drop right. (if one or two weeks still haven’t been restored, then it must have been dropped.)

3, the relevant domain and the chain: the relevant domain of the web site, perhaps outside the chain, suddenly improved a lot.

4, web site included: the site included in the state of the cut, and the snapshot back to before. This is the site drop power precursor!


more than a few points is a group of sites have been reduced to the right to present the situation, so the experience of suffering is enough once, because to restore the previous ranking is the demand to pay a lot of sweat!


two, why mass, the use of software mass information harm


group brings us the benefit is that we save a lot of time to do the chain, but also on the site ranking is also very helpful. Also, in a short period of time you can promote the ranking of key words, it is also the driving force of these factors, mass software will be a lot of people like it!


about mass software, a lot of people also like and hate, fall into this tangled complex. Long thinking about the site, SEO refused to risk group! Away from the mass, mass will make the entire Internet information in the class seriously, is not conducive to the healthy development of the Internet, but also search engine hate


three, how to restore the group brought about by "injury", the use of software mass information hazards

1, the suspension of the current use of mass software

2, confrontation original article, suggest every day update an original article.

3, if there is, can carry on the revision. Since you’re going to have a different view of the search engine, we need to do a web page fix.

4, every day high quality of the chain. Go ahead with rules >

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