Spider log 200064 Baidu K station omen

new station (dapei.org) did more than two months, and this update ranking didn’t go up, to K became a home station. Usually pay more attention to the spider log, but look at the log, mainly to see if today, Baidu spider came, did not visit what path, which way it is going. At that time, I did see the return value of the 200064 spider reading the file. I was quite aware that 200 return was normal, so I didn’t care about it at that time.

The results of this update K

into the home station, when I went to see the time spider log Baidu search inside the 200064 return to the state of the just understand, this is the Baidu stand warning that there is suspicion of this page may be excessive optimization. K into the home station is really regret ah, but also can only take part of the means to remedy it. My solution is as follows:

1, keyword collocation page density in more than 8%, after adjustment dropped to about 4%,

2, each column inside content before all used H4, all deleted at present, delete link

at the same time

3, the entire home page began more than 250 links, I heard that Baidu chain can not exceed 100, the current change to about more than 150 as much as possible.

has now reduced the amount of space that I think is over optimized, and I hope the next update will bring unexpected results.

source: collocation www.dapei.org

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