Use network hot spot to build 3000P easily

we often see a lot of people say, use what keywords and so on to do high flow. Today, let me talk about my experience. First, let’s take a look at it. It’s 21 in the evening.


as you can see from the diagram, I’ve come to 2400+’s IP from Baidu. I’d like to wait until 12 in the evening, no problem at 3000. And all this is just the traffic that a post brings.


read from this post, read nearly 3000 times, the basic data on these, and we are talking about how to do it.

afternoon in the hospital to visit his brother’s child was born, here also congratulated me when the big daddy. Mobile phone news said a person killed dozens of people, did not think this news will be hot anomaly, have no time to do at that time, all go home at night to find some news to do. Very simple, modify the title, the content of the combination, a false original on the success. Then wait to collect, so this morning, IP has reached 500+, afternoon also went to the hospital, just came back to see the statistics, this post with close to 3000IP. My this post keywords ranking in Baidu eighth, everyone think of others ranked first of the number of IP, at least tens of thousands is very easy.

of course, these things aren’t as simple as I wrote. Don’t believe you write a post to see if you can come to so many IP. Master flying, do not withdraw with me, ha ha. All of these are related to web site weight, only site included in time, high weight, your article has the opportunity to row in front of Baidu, or what you rely on before take IP?. And all this and you usually stand on the maintenance of the inseparable, do the following points on the line.

1. insist on time update articles, the more the better, can’t collect, new sites, the best original or pseudo original. Insist on 1-3 months, you stand weight will not be bad.

2. outside the company, here is the most simple to write text, a text can bring you a lot of outside the company, and is the basic weight of high standing will reprint your article, you can look at me even ( are the basic articles left outside. Only powerful outside support you stand, Baidu will update your station in time, you find the hot key words only useful, every day for their external connections, adhere to a year. Tens of thousands of companies are easy.

3. keep an ordinary mind, give up all the irritability, stick to it, and you will see the victory waving to you.

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