The site was resurrected by K 5 days ago

last time I mentioned my website was Baidu K, K got one page left. The two sites are:

after a positive adjustment, as of this morning, two were K sites were collected and included in the normal.

although included normal, but ranking some slight decline, may be with me at the time of the adjustment process changes, canceled some of the external links,

! included more than 50 pages (fifty or sixty pages of the site itself), included more than 600 pages, is a normal.

but I checked the snapshot time by the way. The Zhengzhou broadband network is number 5.24. The net number is 6.4, and my station is K. It’s number 6.1. So, as far as I’m concerned, Baidu just blocked my site for a while and placed it in a database, or just in the original database, but not in search results. Next, Baidu looked at my response to the K by using an algorithm to see if I had a positive attitude.

If I was in

K not be adjusted completely indifferent, Baidu is likely to think they K station is justified, is fair, because after being K and no (owners) of K station adjusted by K showed that the station is somewhat "rubbish", no one cares. So the more determined they K out of this station is determined. And if someone is in K after this station carries on the positive analysis, take positive action to eliminate K factors or excessive optimization trace, when Baidu again review, will grasp the relatively large will be rescued from the new site.

I was about

K on the site after the adjustment, see: the site was blocked, it

welcome friends of this experience to my blog!

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