Talk about how to be a qualified station master [next door]

said a few words yesterday. Let’s finish up the rest of the day,

nine, learning new knowledge,

now the speed of development of the Internet is really astonishing, almost every day a new technology was born, we’re not going to learn so it can fall behind others, there is not a word to say, one day does not learn to catch up with Liu Shaoji.

give you a simple example for example we want to optimize the promotion of the website now, if we still use the method of learning before optimization and promotion so is certainly not the Baidu algorithm change, you have to make false original, this is not you suicidal? So we must spend some time every day to learn and work, or industry related knowledge to enrich oneself.

ten, learning to write original article

as a webmaster do website promotion, the original article is better than less, do not write what?? I will not, who is not born with will write this stuff for a long time to write a few words, the ink is too painful, but in fact it took time to write original articles also is not difficult. It is difficult to write high quality original articles.

I believe that

has not write the original article webmaster friends not he would not write but he didn’t want to write, I is such a person, not to not Baidu algorithm forced me to write, but write a few times feel good, then slowly the love written on the original article, also wrote the original there are many benefits, you can exercise your writing ability can also promote your website, why don’t we go to shoot two hawks with one arrow thing


eleven, keep good working habits,

maintain good working habits or good habits or regular work or life for us and a lot of benefits, such as web site content updates, you keep a certain number of articles published daily published an original article every day to backup the important website database, daily inspections of the web server, and good records and so on, even if it is part of a good work habits, every day we go to bed get up, 3 times a week exercise which is called a regular life.

twelve, perseverance,

insists it’s important to do everything, but how many people can you hold on to?

has a saying good: "now do not adhere to, will certainly give up, Ma Yun also once said a sentence:" today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow is very good, most people die in tomorrow evening. Described is that only to persist in the end can be successful, for our webmaster friend is even more so, as long as we do everything, do not abandon, do not give up, then success has been in front of us.


there are worlds in this article

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