Webmaster experience to new Adsense serious advice

has now entered the era of the network, various sites such as bamboo shoots after germination, the new owners may be all over the mountains and plains, are the envy of those who have done a few years old webmaster, saw tens of thousands of people on the IP, the heart of envy, to tell the truth, I also like very jealous, there is no way that we play better than others night, so now the network also appeared a lot of promotion software, here I will not say to his name, Baidu or Google search keywords: "network promotion", "network marketing" and "mass" software, whether it is free or charge that is quite much. Here the new owners see many included your site or chain is not high it is easy to use these software, I am here to special mention, if you use it Xu was your collection or the chain will increase, but after your site basically finished.

first, your yield will not normal, search engines will report an exception, will enter the manual review stage, the emergence of such a situation, your web site basically declared the end.

second, the chain with the software submitted are basically no management of the garbage station, there are some of the basic content of the garbage, no one will go to see, people management station generally will be deleted, that it does not give you the website traffic, will only give you the site drop right or K off the fate.

third, the webmaster want to know our customers is through what way, here I say what proportion, just to my movie website as an example, because I was the movie website, so I can analyze the customer basic is repeat customers and new customers, repeat customers we will not say the US, a new customer through what way come to my site, first, through the chain, so that customers basically accounted for only about 20%, second, by Baidu search accounted for 40%, third, through the Google search accounted for 20% (in a English), only 10% other search, and other sources the 10% is very complicated, this is not to say.

I wrote what is the ultimate goal of so much, is the hope that the new owners should pay attention to our customers basically from search engines, so we must handle the relationship with the search engine, search engine can make timely updates of our own site, to do this step, that is difficult, easy, difficult to reduce, to do a website is not a place waiting to make money, if there is such a thought. It would be best not to do is simple, when you get used to how much time, he also can not waste your first, the website must have new things, the most simple is new article, if it is not to write if you can use the pseudo original way then posted on its Web site, second, first new sites to search When the engine comes in, you have to update it regularly, preferably 1 hours at a time, and update 1-3 articles each time

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