The recruitment website should be left right

recruitment website = search box + one screen can not install the enterprise logo+ more or less enterprise recruitment information list and job information list.

= "left to go right away" the mind is a beauty and a handsome boy after finally married lovers……

had to be envious of the web site, where the money was really rich and seemed to have their ads everywhere. I wonder how much these advertising charges will bring them.

himself married in my online registration account, not for marriage – I always have every station will be registered habits, have to admit such a marriage network users experience this piece of achievements.

recruitment site layout, functional homogeneity and do not say, on the recruitment information in a recruitment website at least 10 appear in the recruitment website on the phenomenon of believe will never be a HR encounter, while each on its website corner marked "recruitment information without permission is forbidden" in the dark side crazy to collect website recruitment information……

net profit of marriage registration fees, not suitable for Chinese conditions, expect online website offline activities live — why? Because it’s "only love you a" pet phrase is not worth people believe. In marriage online recharge service is not for the pursuit of a person, but want more people know themselves, attract others.

can’t find a job one day, and has no financial source for one day, and may suffer more mental pressure. One day he can’t find his wife, but he can have more room to know more lovers".

recruitment of users of the site has always been received offer will leave, marriage network really come and go, not to earn money – if the recruitment website is made marriage network model, what effect will it be?

one job = = male Internet users; recruitment unit = female Internet users. Any advice,


two registered humane, pay attention to user experience

three person assessment. Matching report

four browsing history, online communication

five marriage network popular member, brings to the popular enterprise, uses, pays,



individuals are very optimistic about the prospects for recruitment sites, at least 5 years, 10 years, we should all use.

recently discovered a recruitment website, and although I think the "marriage" recruitment network is very low, but the online recruitment still has its own characteristics, you may wish to look at his recruitment page, at least I know can most quickly resume other watch (the station address: but the biggest disadvantage of some trouble registration station not humane, too dependent on Flash (much like Marry5 learn it) if you can close the improved search engine, a very cattle. >

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