Webmaster not every day for web site otherwise the loss outweighs the gain

money webmaster, basically all please people management, management of the owners own less poor, but for a local website, stability and popularity is particularly important, here is my website (www.daozhou.net) said some site experience. My website (www.daozhou.net) is a local website, site more than 6 months, there is a chance that we can exchange more. If it is a small webmaster, you must be worried about this every day.

space is not stable — I tried it 20 space business, almost 12 is no good commercial space, how bad is not to say, the worst time, just tell me the station, which is directly related to the station, which page posts in question is not he said, do stand the most tired of this


whether you rent a virtual space or a free server, the problem is always there. The flow from every day feel alarmed doctor unscrupulous, including Baidu

!Have problems every day endless change ah, upgrade

procedures ah, you have finished? Especially DEDE, my station was linked to more than 50 horse, of course in 4.1 after a few DEDE, too many problems, we can not afford to toss; and DZ, since a UC UCHOME, on the altar of the upgrade to 6.1, followed by 7, every effort is spent playing tricks on me too, estimate the temptation, henceforth must not kill


computer poisoning – inexplicable, more than a few malicious computer running software, a total of a few days to kill, ah, kill, ah, so endless, but also very helpless!


system reinstall – although there are GHOST, but every time reloading changes your habits, but also to adjust, this process is also a little silly, and some waste of time.

GG or other advertising — this is not to say, a knife in the hands of the people, we only have stretched their necks waiting to be cut! What you do not know, can not know, just like ordinary people, sometimes called an injustice, everything


spends a lot of time on QQ – and doesn’t know who you’re talking to, and likes to look at QQ every day. No QQ has come before, and now it’s not you when you’re on the Internet, QQ, it’s not you.

– 163 web browsing irrelevant what, what, what is behind the horizon, 2 hours a day at least waste (some estimates special love), alas, not to mention Different people have different aspirations..

actually save the time for their focus on doing the webmaster, basically do things are more regular habits, basic can do intentnesses to do their own thing. I used every day in his way, Forum irrigation, maintenance post, now do not do, spend their time looking for information integration, article, website traffic is also rising quickly, mainly due to the use of appropriate time.

, but for us >

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