What is the entrepreneur Tian Pujun in the eyes of the people were eyeing investors

introduction: for starters, you need a long enough break through to the board, 95% of the people are unable to reach the area.

you only have one chance to get the first impression, People judge, we all judge. investors in particular.

Wall Street had a terrible assumption, and an investor if you ride with a lift, you will have a chance to impress him in 5 minutes? In addition to a no nonsense, a clear focus on every phrase a gem, a 5 minute version of self introduction, you may need to pay attention to the "face value".

here refers to the color value, but not necessarily the shape points, but your identification, or the ability to stand out. Imagine a typical life of investors, the morning meeting is at 9 o’clock, when you meet him, he has talked chelunzhan like three dial entrepreneurs, when open the computer in your search for a demo of PPT, he has a 360 degree hassle to you from top to bottom up, and the subconscious to match comparing your image and his contact with hundreds of entrepreneurs. Be able to find your best classification from these historical data.


and a top investor in a venture will meet Tian Pujun, attended the Miss Tian in "ordinary people" in the crowd is very eye-catching, with people engaged in the entertainment circle, business circle often rare. She left a deep impression on the investor, although she did not know who she was, but with shining to describe her, she would like to do something like that. Coincidentally, a roadshow, a special girl is in image roadshow popular investors. Spread in favor of an angel fund turtles, high education, beauty ", but also worth understanding, label information processing method is more efficient, and the labels are concentrated and covers" vision, intelligence, from "elite label.

contrast can also be my boss Jenny talent shows itself, for the first time she saw YY founder Li Xueling has talked about, Li Xueling in the first time I saw her, wearing shorts and slippers, casual, and other entrepreneurs formed a significantly different. This image is also a contrast to the Jenny has been a vivid detail.

itself is a selection of the best investment project complex algorithm, this algorithm is a combination of science and art, every investor has a large data of a sample of people, their job is to find the best people and team. Our brain is a strange machine, it is always more sensitive to the information that has not been seen before.

In addition,

had to admit that so far the investment industry is still pursuing a logical order of the industry, rational is the new sexy industry. Nevertheless, the only non rational investors in the early investment, this time the business model has not yet formed, more investment is based on people.

has recently seen a scene

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