Novice webmaster is concerned about many aspects of the problem

, I am a novice webmaster, contact the network almost 2 years, but I contact the station time seems to have more than a year. I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of website to build in the end, not only before, but also now.

but now, before the establishment of the impulse is not so large, as before, as long as there are ideas, immediately, even check there is no similar website or how many similar sites do not. In the final analysis, there is no serious analysis. Before, a friend suggested to do a networking site, but I will not program how to do it, there is a black classmate playing, he built my opinion, go online search program source code.

so I immediately went online to find, finally, I selected a set of classified information, publishing source code. I am a novice, and even the program can not understand, and even upload will not, so I ruthless heart, look at the code, and watched the day after another, really did not stop a moment. Finally find out how the program is used, previously only know the website, did not think how to use. During the next month, I spent a lot of time on this program, and finally changed the program to the program we needed. The next thing is: how do the website publicity, publicity area? How to manage? Also, how to do space or server?…. Anyway, there are many problems, you might think that results in my persuasion, my friend gave up, I must give up


after that, I thought of setting up a discount website. Well, here’s a note. All my classmates say it’s good. I was certainly very confident, so I started to pick the program right away. My choice is floral cms. Speaking of erecting discount information website, I also spent a long time in the program above, I am very satisfied, even a little proud (oh, look, please don’t big brother big sister…), because do not understand a program I realized, I want the function and simple management. Then, I excitedly bought space, buy a domain name, upload the program to start my dream tour website.

, however, the problem is that where the discount information? Every day I was collecting newspaper, we have the Metropolis Daily, morning, evening… Have discount information, and a lot of color version, I will find the electronic version or to get pictures of the scanner is used to discount information. But, in this way, the workload is too large, a person busy.

so my classmates suggested that I should talk to the business people. If they are willing to provide information, the workload will be much less and the information will be in good time.

but I was not willing to easily find the bones of others, but also do not want to have general eloquence, expert, also can say that in the flat, I was once again to encourage myself to try their own atmosphere. Finally, I bit my lower lip, picked up the information I had already made and got up for the city. I selected >

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