Small town hotpot shop owner is how to play the nternet


introduction: this boss is famous in the city where he is, he is the owner of a local buffet restaurant and a number of hot pot restaurants, as well as a high-end business hotel. Although the chef was born in a small town, but he is good at using Internet tools, keep up with the trend, in his new style of play, to help restaurants business rising, the local food industry to do the top few. Who says the traditional boss doesn’t know the Internet?


below is the boss readme, by I black horse finishing:

why does the restaurant industry do the Internet?

first of all, the traditional marketing model is based on natural flow and word of mouth, and this has been unable to adapt to the new form. In recent years, the overall growth of China’s food and beverage industry is weak, and the competition on the market is becoming more and more fierce. The mere use of "buy" and "discount" tools has not played a big role, and now the wine is also afraid of deep alley.

secondly, the combination of online and offline is a big trend: from the evolution history of Taobao, we can see that consumers are becoming more and more accustomed to using the Internet to help decision-making and consumption.

third, mobile end products, especially SOMOLO will play an important role in the future catering industry, the rise of smart phones, making it possible for users to consume through mobile terminals.

fourth, the line of marketing costs rising steadily, while the traditional marketing model stereotyped, difficult to innovation and breakthroughs. Need a new tool and social media to help promote and boost word of mouth.

finally, the Internet marketing costs relative to moving tens of thousands of advertising fees, is still relatively cheap and effective promotion of catering enterprises.

want to know the above problems, the catering industry do the Internet is not, but how to do the problem, for this problem, in fact, many restaurant owner is not clear, but I was still groping summed up some experience.

integrated marketing is the key, data analysis is the core.

core: leveraging. I don’t do it myself, but all the services depend on Internet service providers. At present, enterprises specialized in catering business marketing are divided into the following types:

tool type: specific financial management software, customer management software these.

coupon promotion: including group buying, Ding Ding, public comment.

network media:


. This category is mainly launched online advertising. Tencent and BBS’s direct hard promotional advertising type four: Reservation type, that is, booking seats. Represented by "rice Unification" and "small Secretary for ordering food".

I have studied these tools carefully and analyzed the situation of my own market at present.

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