Web data analysis of 3 issues Data Warehouse related issues


‘s previous article, web data analysis, focuses on BI related issues, and this article mainly wants to sort out some of the data warehouse related issues. Because of the recent re watching some of the data warehouse data and books, put forward to before and the current major problems (the relevant content about the data warehouse in the blog, please refer to the website of the data warehouse, this directory) at the same time also on data warehouse knowledge and understanding of the re finishing line, but not for a long time at a new blog article, don’t let yourself too lazy.


Inmon seen "data warehouse construction" and "DW 2", but also a data warehouse master Kimball data warehouse "life cycle toolbox" has no time to read, only recently has the time to look for the most part, you can’t wait to write something. In fact, the data warehouse field generally believes that Inmon and Kimball’s theory is antagonistic, the two sides in the construction of data warehouse directional differences have been debated, no one can convince anyone, in the end which method is better. I didn’t know when and where I extracted my Evernote notes. The general description of the two points was very concise and sharp:

Inmon vs Kimball

Kimball – Let, everybody, build, they, want, when, want, it, they, we, ll, integrate, it, all, when, and, if, what, we, need, to. (BOTTOM-UP, APPROACH),

, Pros:, fast, to, build, quick, ROI, nimble

, Cons:, harder, to, maintain, as, enterprise, resource, often, redundant, often, an, difficult, to, integrate, data, marts

, Inmon – Don, t, do, anything, you, until, VE, designed, everything. (TOP-DOWN, APPROACH)

, Pros:, easy, to, maitain, tightly, integrated

, Cons:, takes, way, too, long, to, deliver, first, projects, rigid


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