Analysis and solution to the status quo of electric door website

just took over the electric door website has a week, has not started to modify, just on the website of the code and external links are analyzed, not amended is to modify the one-time completion, because the site is one of the best line. Because the former colleague left too many hands. So I had to make all the changes.

Analysis of the

domain name, domain name registration date is April 07, relatively the domain name has a certain amount of weight, included number is 200, but in the reverse link, Baidu is only 11, so there is not much benefit to increase the weight of the website. The weight of the link is not very high. So it doesn’t have much benefit for the website.

for code analysis, before the site home page is nested code frameset, the engine itself is not very fond of such code. Therefore, the website has been modified, the home page instead of HTML to display. Search habits that conform to the engine. Plus the site of the Title, using a stack of keywords practices, description writing is not authoritative, the choice of keywords, there is no clear idea of their own. There is no master keyword for highlighting sites in keyword. Therefore, there is no clear guideline for the engine’s judgment of the theme of the website. At the same time, optimize the viscosity of the site, and strive to meet the experience of more users, while pleasing spider crawling habits.

analysis of external optimization, the site’s friendship links have been deleted each other, the site’s home page is also in the right to drop the status quo. At the same time, due to the previous revision, affected the engine included in the site. A lot of internal links and content is gradually reduced. This is a dangerous signal. In this way, I decided to start from the Links, delete useless links and links to Baidu down the right, to eliminate the influence of Links on the website, adding external website optimization efforts, as soon as possible to let Baidu web site and restore the weight of the website itself.

from the above analysis, you can see that the domain name of the site has a great impact on the weight of the site, the viscosity of the site, the originality of the content, the degree of attraction to spiders. Web links also have a big impact on websites.

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