Be a station for six months share experience and experience

I learn from

rookie to now have six months, had to do when the station did not know what to stand, what station traffic, because I feel that the Internet play QQ people on the Internet, Baidu QQ, Baidu search results from relevant pages so much, just think do QQ station traffic is certainly high, ha ha, is that with a QQ space station, which is the first website that I do, do this time station, I also asked other webmaster such a question: why does QQ stand competition is so big, in this case there are still so many long keen to build around QQ station, such as QQ signature, QQ player, QQ non mainstream pictures, QQ net and so on the


they gave me the answer is to sum up: QQ station although the competition, but the surrounding word search volume of QQ station is very high, as long as you have QQ a high index of Baidu keywords ranking on the first page of the station, you will get thousands or even tens of thousands of IP traffic. Speaking of this, I have, in my experience, how to improve the traffic on the QQ website.

1, the website is done, to submit to Baidu, Google, YAHOO, submitted to the three search large enough, of course, your website content to the original twenty percent best.

2, update the content should be oriented to users, do not pile up keywords, otherwise it will affect the development of the medium and long term.

3, use QQ to promote your website

since we built QQ station, it should start from the QQ theme, such as the registration of a number of women QQ, (oh, see a woman, QQ, everyone will think of a beauty), and then directly QQ open membership (membership fee is not much, you have the money to do station. Of course, when you open this condition) to establish several QQ QQ exchange group, to call friends Lampone tried to gather a lot of popularity.

4, to the BBS, stick it to post propaganda your website.

this is almost all effective to all websites, as long as you pay attention to the following points:

1) in the BBS propaganda, do not put a stick out of people to see that advertising posts, and do not spam, the title should be clear, for example: "QQ April 12th new space free code" and so on, since the post, to have quality. Because our original intention is to attract people to see the content of the website, people think it is true and not deceive.

2) to Baidu Post Bar appropriate hair some posts, please pay attention to the proper two words, hair more will cause Baidu resentment, for your new station is not good, be careful of Baidu think factor.


blog: there are a lot of free blog application, you don’t go for a few, send some good articles on it, most of it own blog or QQ space blog, it can not only demonstrate their website space related content, and can also avoid the Baidu algorithm >

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