1 billion of 91 Valuation how to stay ahead of the BAT and the traditional financial giants

Internet financial services platform 91 financial July 1st announced the completion of B round of financing, the amount of about 200 million yuan, valued at about 1 billion yuan. 2013, can be described as the first year of Internet banking. This year, Alibaba launched the "balance treasure" in the financial field set off a wave; then, Baidu followed the "Baidu hundred hair" financial products also caused a sensation. IT giant’s move, confirms the huge space of Internet banking. The first 91 finance has been rooted in this field for three years. Currently, 91 financial services over 2 million users, trading volume of nearly 100 billion yuan. So, what’s so special about this Internet banking company? Recently, we interviewed Mr. CEO, Mr. Xu Zewei, to get a thorough understanding of how Xu Zewei, the founder of Finance 91, was in the front,



follows Xu Zewei dictating: "


our three historical stage,

started in the second half of last year, the Internet banking led by the balance of treasure, a rapid explosion. From the start to now 3 years, the 91 financial industry segments were also several "renamed" — first we called financial business, later called the financial data, we are now called the Internet financial portal. In fact, we do just one thing, that is, good service to Chinese consumers, so that they secure, convenient, professional access to loans.

the 91 financial began to do now since 2011, a total of more than two years, nearly three years of history, in the Internet banking business is doing relatively early, but on the inside the financial sector is still relatively new company.

in the past, we have three stages, the first stage to do the equivalent of financial information services, to provide consumers with financial institutions, the financial institutions equivalent to help them through the Internet to sell products, the equivalent of an Internet information platform, the equivalent of intermediary service. With the long time we have done, we have a higher grasp of the information, so we move up to second businesses, which is equivalent to the transaction service. Because we do not just provide information, we also help the user to complete the transaction, is equivalent to help financial institutions to complete the transaction, to achieve directional, customized products, of course, all of this is done through the Internet, financial transaction services, this business we do ten billion scale. In the third stage, it is equivalent to the services of financial products, that is to say, we have our own financial products. Of course we want to joint financial institutions to do the product, such as our value-added treasure, such as our fans, we combined the financial institutions to do product innovation. The third business, I estimate a conservative point, do one billion, optimistic about doing three billion. Of these three businesses, the first is our profit, and the second is a few per thousand. The third business returns are a few percent, because your involvement in the product is different. But the reason why we can do this is from our financial numbers

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