Pan Shiyi after 30 years of observation of the successful entrepreneurs do think about the 5

1, the first thinking: founder of two kinds of

worked in the mall for so many years, I have seen a lot of people, also experienced a lot of things. I think entrepreneurs are divided into two categories:

the first type of entrepreneur is a businessman.

usually, they have a very sensitive sense of smell, where money is available on the market, where they can make money, they go along. China most vendors have such an ability. This ability is very important, because one of the vendors organized to form a huge market mechanism, make the whole logistics resources and can be reasonably utilized.

second entrepreneurs are able to smell the smell of money on the basis of the embrace of a higher ideal, that is, I want to create value for the society.

sounds like "creating value" is a bit of an illusion for businessmen and entrepreneurs. But in fact, entrepreneurs to provide good service and good products is to create value for the society, they tend to make better products as the biggest pursuit, and focus on the product more than a profit.

such as Jobs is such a person, he did not want to make a lot of money, but put all the attention on the product, until he was still wondering how to do the product. It is this obsession with Jobs, only to make a series of Apple products for customers to experience and enjoy the United states.

also, I think that entrepreneurs have a distinct feature: always try to find the logic behind the operation of the market, because if can not find the logic behind the operation of the market, they will panic.

2, the second thinking: partner

said the founder, then I would also like to talk about how to get along with partners. I find that the mistrust between partners is the biggest difficulty faced by many entrepreneurs.

1) with friends together, the most important thing is trust.

, for example, I like Feng Lun, Wang Gongquan, Liu Jun, Wang Qifu, Mr. Yi small five friends of entrepreneurship, we have no more accounting, cashier, audit, and the five of them took all the money to me. In the 4 year of our business, the time of the past 5 years, I did not account for more than 1 cents, even if it is more than a taxi ticket is not privately reimbursed.

I tell myself this story is to say, in the process of entrepreneurship, the trust between the partners is particularly important, because we can not do everything alone. Perhaps, each person’s degree of wisdom, wisdom is different, but "trust" is to put together the premise, without the "trust", there can be no real unity and good cooperation.

I’ve seen a lot of failed projects, they usually fail not because the project itself is a problem, not because of the direction of development, but because of the lack of trust between partners

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