nternet farewell entrepreneurial era new business models unknown

recycling "Baidu", "grand" entrepreneurial dream, it looks like a beautiful balloon balloon.

if you start your business from today, what business will you choose to enter the market?

when this question to Ma Huateng, at the helm of the Tencent founder $15 billion market capitalization of the answer is: "I can only do the things they are interested, do a little bit of exploration, not to consider the external conditions." The reason is that the core products of the Internet – portals, instant messaging, search engines, and e-commerce – have been divided, with only two wins: video and SNS, but there is a high threshold. Ma Huateng admits: "a lot of people still want to build 1 billion dollar company on the network now, already more difficult."."

oligopoly pattern has been set

if the first wave of Internet start-ups, the birth of the Tencent and Baidu market capitalization of more than two billion dollar company, Alibaba, Sohu, NetEase, Sina, Ctrip, a grand six market capitalization of more than $one billion in the company, then to today, probably the most optimistic prophet did not dare to claim that there will be eight China Internet Corporation of similar size in the five years.


entrepreneurs inevitably see themselves as more innovators, created before 2000 and lay the barriers in the past nearly 10 years, the old site, but has already formed a pattern of oligopoly.

Unlike American Internet giants,

rarely purchases, and is more likely to follow up after the latter has created an effective product model. There have been some people think they can become insurgents like Google leveraging Microsoft, such as Fang Xingdong tried to blog China beyond Sina, but when the blog this mode is proved to have the market, Sina, Sohu and Tencent have been involved, let the blog Chinese inevitably become backward.

, the last wave of entrepreneurship, where is the open space, you can take one. But now that there are already several big cities, we can only be guerrillas, while looking for a few relatively fertile grassland, gradually become small villages, and then become cities. Looking for other grass." Thousand oak Group founder Chen Yizhou said.

new business model unknown

if the duopoly pattern has been set, dark new commercial pattern is unknown, and China Internet users reached a critical point in 500 million scale within 3 years, it is very difficult to imagine, in accordance with the existing will play – American mode localization — exactly what the future there are more entrepreneurial space? At least for now, the vast majority of the risk investment institutions is no longer regarded as Internet start-ups focused on their own.

perhaps since the last century since the end of 90s, Chinese Internet industry has never been in a short period of time to see so many entrepreneurs may, in addition to MySpace, YouTube and Facebook are hundreds of start-ups such as Linkedin, Bloglines, imitation, Plaxo >

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