A tribute to life from a Taobao shopping trip

[core tip], whether it’s a complex web site like Taobao, or a minimalist web site, has a unique way of life. How products should survive may be more critical than thinking about how to change the world.

existence is reasonable. – Hagel,

recently played Taobao games.

since the beginning of Taobao related work (well, do advertising, OK, that is, bother to Amoy ~), my Taobao online shopping trip out of control. From Taobao to Taobao related all kinds of shopping guide website, experienced a time, but also to various vest identity, joined a lot of Taobao shopping group, sellers group. While experiencing the ecological patterns of Taobao, they also feel the tremendous vitality of these small circles. And recent phenomena have made it more and more interesting and confusing.

(friendship tips: the following three paragraphs are very complicated, want to see the key children’s shoes can skip directly)



years, the electricity supplier has just re opened in my brace up, a Taobao shopping group completed an interesting shopping transaction (for convenience, I will use ABC to refer to the story of characters.). I took a fancy to an assembled car model and searched for a number of businesses that were selling the model.

I went into several familiar Taobao shopping groups and sent out information. I hope the merchants can sell me the goods at a discount price. At the same time, I contacted a seemingly reliable businessman, A, who asked him if he had a similar discount alliance and could buy the model at a low price. The businessman looked at me as a sensible person and told me that he was also running a small Taobao Gang, and that if he joined in his activities, he would get a very low price. At this point, I have also responded to the mass announcement, several toy merchants BCD said that the group of "brothers" must be sold at a low price.

I told about the situation. A, after communicating with blah blah, said that if I joined his gang, he would get a lower discount and promise to post. Then I joined his gang, completed several strange operation ("a" and the like, if you are familiar with the mogujie.com group purchase, you will understand what is "password", but this is not the point, finally do) shopkeepers in the back, recommended to the store promised friend, took the goods by the change cheap price, to get what I want.

describes the long-drawn and tedious documents this shopping experience, and not to show off how affordable (saying a man so nosese, is to decrease breakdown), but to state a fact, every day, there are tens of thousands of people, and I do a similar thing in the shopping guide website, QQ group, forum, Wang Wangqun things, watercress group and so on, these services or big or small, the operation is difficult.

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