How does individual website look for website operation cut in point

recently many of my friends have asked my website is how to promote? How is my website for a few months or every day is only 100 to IP? Today I am here to introduce QQ chemical network station year experience for everyone, without reservation, absolutely original, and we hope to share. Looking for website operation point, this is not difficult to understand, is a website where to start, where to start? The 28 law I believe we all know, in any group of things, the most important of which only a small part, about 20%, although the majority of the remaining 80%, is secondary. The characteristics of law are provable and have been proved continuously, such as an enterprise, 80% of its profits come from its 20% projects, and 20% of people have 80% of the world’s wealth. This Law applies equally in the website operation aspect, for example a website 20% column contributes 80% traffic, therefore the website operation first step is seeks a good breakthrough point, must find that 20%. The following combination of my six years of experience in building, from content construction, operation strategy, promotion method of these three aspects to explain how to find the site operation breakthrough point.

1, website content construction breakthrough point,


this site QQ chemical network using B2B Destoon e-commerce system, the system default supply / purchase / quotes / information / company / show / talent / know program, in addition to these conventional columns can also extend the SNS community / forum / mall. So, how do you do so many columns? Do you do one or all?

below, simple analysis of these columns:

a, the supply column, are generally first registered, a lot of information, the operation is very difficult, not suitable for a start as a key, if you have a collection system you can focus on doing, but it is difficult to collect the information collected and pseudo original, after the update is dead, only a filler content effect;

, B, buying / exhibition / talent these three columns of information is too small, it is difficult as a breakthrough point;

C, the company column is automatically generated by the system, can not become a breakthrough point;

D, the forum column, the state has regulations, does not allow individuals to run, nor can it become a breakthrough point;

e, the mall is a selling things, and can not bring direct traffic to the site, when the site has traffic, the mall can bring revenue;

, F, SNS community must have a certain user base, otherwise it is difficult to push forward, not play;

, G, quotes, columns, many industries do not have content, you want to pseudo original, there is no way, of course, some industries are more, you need to depend on specific industry to determine;

, h, information / know these two columns, I think is more suitable, large amount of information, but also easy to pseudo original, can be used as a website content construction breakthrough point.

these aren’t necessarily all rows

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