Grassroots webmaster a person’s War

the rise of China’s Internet, no matter whether it is successful or not, can not be denied that once the grass roots, or is the grassroots, we think every day how to grow, and how to develop, but always counterproductive. The success of the grassroots has long lost upstart appearance, has created the literati’s appearance, do not see actually originally dirty! And we at the bottom of the webmaster, still repeating the copy and paste to depict the blueprint for the future, put a lot of time in landscaping, upgrade and so on useless work on every day, not we only pay attention to this strange, because we are a person, a person can only pay attention to the fight, a second, will be ignored.

how do you win a war? I’d like to talk about my personal opinion,


one, pay attention to the content of the website

no matter what type of your site, what must be true, must not create machine is not to peep, we rely on ourselves, to enrich the content, or even if there is a traffic light dead flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, but also very easy to be K.

two, pay attention to the website key

many webmaster, as I said at the beginning, I only know that the official figure with the upgrade process, all day thinking about how to beautify the program so hard, why do I feel so wrong!? because we do stand for themselves, rather than help who test procedures; because we do not have the money is, the whole website landscaping, your space is relatively poor, "because you beautify and open become slower than usual, just in the content is not good, you can keep the eyes of many people! And how many people will think your site to join favorites and is only the front page! This is a delusion. So the webmaster should think how?. Try the first thing, and think about it, SEO, your website,


three, pay attention to relative laws and regulations,


Internet started, is the support of our country, now spread, countries have to regulate, many owners have become fodder, there are a lot of people go to the webmaster, so we guarantee the second one, we can not ignore the third, can not be said to state support, we do don’t stare at the relevant departments, but also even if successful! Remember to pay attention to the relevant notice, do morning, found that the site did not, go to scold access business, know that you are wrong, that is too late.

I’m not doing the forum, I was also one of the fodder I do not blindly, upgrade, make a good web site navigation Xi Li Ge I (, good publicity, to keep a relatively stable baby, waiting on the arrival of the first cloud see hope! A person all the war to win the victory in the country


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