nteresting words how to shorten the domain name shrink before they applaud

recently, the foreign domain market is still a lively scene, the foreign market short domain seems not willing to be lonely, have appeared in front of the public, but many high priced transactions and enabled the case, such as the recent Egoditor.com website at auction for the price of 30000 euros to buy a short domain name AG.de, domain name is Facebook.com FB.com heavyweight high priced acquisition, to shorten the Facebook mailbox suffix address, the United States online retail companies Overstock.com successfully purchased the shortest domain name o.biz and o.co.za as the new project launch.

as everyone knows, the foreign domain market, its trading and enable the domain name to words and phrases domain name, but the recent short domain is concerned, the author took the foreign well-known social networking site Facebook Facebook to analyze, Facebook’s official name for Facebook.com, this is a phrase of course, domain name, domain name enabled phrases it is common in the foreign market, but if we analyze the domain name down from the structure, the number of characters is too long, the official domain name netizens their memory and access is not convenient, is not conducive to mobile phone users access.

in this case, the domain name of the website domain name instead of a long short demand will become more urgent, and Facebook has been completed on the registered trademark of "Face" and "book" for the layout of the short short domain FB.com value becomes important. In addition, foreign well-known blog Twitter in the application of short domain names have also done more in place, it used t.co as a shortened service launch.

the author briefly talk about the common short domain name applications such as kaixin001.com. The network will launch a simple version, called kx001.com, the development of domestic micro-blog model to promote domestic domain name market short domain development, domestic Sina, Tencent, Baidu, and micro-blog, said it Zhongguancun online, have used the short domain name abbreviation push service combination based on "URL".

, from which we can make a simple guess, in the micro-blog mode, short domain name by domestic investors and the terminal’s favorite, the future development of short domain name will no longer be limited to micro-blog or even LBS industry, or will be expanded to all walks of life, three or even four double spell spell domain name. Such as Sina’s micro-blog domain will use "WB" for the domain to provide more convenient services, cut off LBS grand play network will use the "QK" domain name abbreviation, popcorn net buying the baomihua.com three spell domain name or select "BMH" such a short domain to provide other abbreviated service, etc..

, of course, more than three pieces for Larry, abbreviations can be implemented on the existing domain name, but this kind of specific short letter names most are relatively rare, and also make the domain name used to shorten the service use less and less, such as enterprise terminals such as these can be.

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