Do a little bit of experience for yourself

today to Intellectual Property Agency ( station make a summary, its purpose is to have success and failure of the local decisions can help us novice webmaster hope that we can learn it, please look at the


this station has been continuously for novice webmaster output, original update site, how I feel this is old topic?. Of course, this is what I have been emphasizing oneself and remind you do it, the stand in front of a few days is K the home, why? Because I cheated, cheated? I do what harm Oh I, I don’t know myself but I still know I wrong where, in my blog and the connection too close, there are two problems to tell you, is only at the beginning of a blog guide included new sites and even, when propaganda is resolutely don’t work! And that things don’t superfluous novice webmaster optimization, a lot of the time your station was K you don’t know what the reason, you do you feel wronged, actually he does wrong.

the station included Google on the more than 10 day included to 2000+ page in three or four days time to return to the 479 page, why? Because the other is my copy, the other 479 is my original and pseudo original, what is the problem here? Tell you is don’t want to play tricks on search engine front you are not my strength, is a good learning SEO basic knowledge of self-defense, but we have no good results on search engines, all the new Adsense don’t copy and paste a plus acquisition, unworkable, your flow depends on the search engine, you copied two days to you the back of your traffic come from?

the many articles can be ranked in the home page in the search, the flow is good Oh, why? Because every day I go to school SEO Sai, the selection and density of simple knowledge is the key word, key words and bold, etc. what skills label small and simple optimization, this can have of course! You can’t go to the competition hot stuff, SEO technology is also insufficient competition hot things this really can not! Small place to start, I got the harvest and we share down.


chain can reach more than 130, why? Because I learned to write text, soft optimization techniques, are in fact trying to get the original update every day experience, not to their own experience will not have a good way, I was told that my next update chain can keep more than 100 words PR2 at least, I also look forward to the full full of fun, it is hard to rely on their own results! What is the problem here? I know that we are not a novice webmaster original article, actually I want to tell you Baidu included many, you are a simple Recruitment Administrator and you can wait some links do write short article will be received, how could not original, I like to stand on his own weekly summarize what is original, can also be out and share with you, It is the original and the chain how bad? Try it! "

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