A Tmall store operation plan for a brand

about the staff wages actually younger brother is indeed difficult, we as a franchisee, their profit margin is particularly tight pinch brands, all have to spend with the province, if the staff wages to 10%, investors will get profit from the literal to below 5%, there is still no inventory count rate. The city of Zhengzhou, my salary is out of art in the middle reaches of, just do some basic requirements and promotion material, workload is not big, this treatment should be considered more pertinent, hope you send friends above.

I have been silently learning predecessors experience, a guilty mind, so with a very upset heart, make a plan this year do share can not guarantee that goods are dry, but absolutely 100% true, I hope that the older generation generous with your criticism.

XX store operation plan

stage 1: applicant company and franchised store

time: July 1st – August 31st

needs support: 11W, Tmall shop costs

main contents and procedures:

1., applicant company

2. signing some details of the contract,

3. understands the specific support policy of agency

4. applies to Tmall store

specific working details:

3. understands the specific support policy of agency

1) the minimum order quantity for distribution, the quantity of goods is different, the purchase price is different,

2) whether there is a class of

rebate policy

3) is there a turnover level distinction to achieve different turnover rates? Is there a difference between


4) is it possible to provide on-the-job training materials, products and professional skills


5) delivery period for distribution funds

6) is it possible to provide purchase invoices and how to issue


7) the concept of customized paragraph, whether the price requirements, as well as the general price range

8) defective goods return policy

, 9) specific support policies for Juhuasuan and other large events

10) company’s policy on planning activities in distribution shops

11) is it possible to provide all products with picture


12) is it possible to provide drill and through train promotional materials


13) does the franchised store synchronize with the new

on the flagship store?

is there a one to one, or specifically for Tmall franchisee customer service?.

second stage: officially put into operation

time: September 1st – October 30th


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