nternet start ups for ten years only for the original dream and efforts

some people say that the blood of Zhejiang is also running entrepreneurial passion, this passion is inherent, Pentium endless. I think this is not only a passion, but also a mission. For this reason, I have struggled and prepared for ten years.

in 2000, the Internet in full swing, just graduated, I did not hesitate to defected to a network company, which is a company specializing in Web site companies, was still very popular at the time. Because I am a computer company, I manage the production site, but I think more should understand that a market, just when the market needs to understand the feedback technology market, so I volunteered to join the market promotion.

a few months later, I know the operation of the company well. I discuss with my classmates whether we open a company in partnership, and the result is one shot. Registered companies, from the street to help us solve, just when they have mission indicators, the registration of funds paid several thousand yuan, the tariff on it. Office space, rented a set of three bedrooms and one living room, we work and live together.

office staff, the main staff of my classmates and I two, a part-time accountant, and later found two salesman. The company adhere to the less than four months, due to less traffic, two of the profits as high wages to work, think about the last or put up the shutters.

, Zhu Geliang,

1, two people are not willing to do the investment, such as other companies have a Santana car to run the business, some companies will release the factory gate, our sales are not many companies in the gate. What other ads put on, even want to dare to think.

2, not enough to adhere to, and later think of it still feel pity, because the company has just started, business volume is very normal, but we took the more high-end hotel website development list. Unfortunately, I was just thinking of so hard, so tired, income is only such a little, two people wandering around the food and clothing line.

, 3 of the sales management training is still a lack of experience, was unable to recruit a good salesman, so come the clerk to go through training, but the training is arbitrary. Therefore, the last two salesmen did not pull a single business.

on 2001, I went down to Shenzhen, and my classmates went up to Shanghai. Why do I choose Shenzhen, because my friends in Shenzhen said that Shenzhen is the cradle of high-tech, the first fair was held in Shenzhen, Premier Zhu was at the scene of the past.

went to Shenzhen to run the talent market, and then it wasn’t popular to look for jobs online. A month later smoothly into a foreign company planning department, I mainly responsible for the maintenance and management of the company’s Web site. I was restless heart, have been very easy maintenance of the site, and is eager to do other work planning, so the planning manager with me very well, then planning manager after I replace the position of behoove. During this period, I always do with my friends in my spare time