Why don’t you make money online

wrote a blog for more than a year, has been in the writing of technical articles, sometimes found that the article is really nothing to write. Today, Shao Lianhu blog to discuss a topic with you, why you can not earn money online



real life business is more and more difficult, I know to do business is to purchase eight years ago, sellers. At that time, I went to Lianyungang in the winter of eighty yuan to sell things, learn to do business. Later, I have processed football, opened the toy store for three years, but also done wholesale toys, and ultimately rely on the final failure.

I have always thought that they are unlucky, but also vowed not to do business from now on, to find a safe class on it. However, who is so desperate to find work for others, but can not get their own future? If I have been working in this life, I am doomed to this life, and how my children to give him a good life in the future?

is a kid who has a dream, he was thinking about how to make money every hour and moment, how to realize their dreams, even though he had failed many times, as long as he has breath in, he will never betray his ideal. In fact, people’s lives are so dozens of people, some people say that the truth is not how to live a lifetime. However, when the child is born, when the parents of the old day, who will take care of them?

Unwilling ordinary me, had the honor to contact the network, has been struggling in the Internet for five years. Five years later, I am from a rookie, to a little growth, finally learned from the website, SEO, to make money online, Taobao open shop, do Alibaba, network promotion, media, mobile phone website, mobile phone APP development, there are many


I remember when I first came into contact with the network, it is really a dish ah, see what do not understand, I do not know how I was able to understand so much knowledge. Only know that they do not understand the Baidu search to find the answer, or find someone to help answer, or find some video tutorials to learn. I did not spend money to find a teacher to teach me, I have to rely on their own research. Sometimes I really admire myself, so much knowledge is how to learn. (a little bragging force, not good, ah, I changed!)

before, there are a lot of friends asked me, what should I do online money? I told him to do the network for the sake of interest, not to make money and do network. After listening to listen to friends, do not make money I do network why ah yes, this sentence asked, do not make money who do the network why. But, you will kill for money and other ways to make money a lot, why do you choose to make money online to find their favorite industry to make money is not better?

everyone should know what is interest, interest is like a man to a beauty can not resist, let this man to the beauty of curiosity, always want to know what she is feeling. Whatever you do, if you

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