3 years of site traffic flow method and promotion skills

first site 3GP download

that’s right. My friend and I are going to add up. Maybe when 3GP wasn’t so hot, it didn’t work out, but it’s been updated all the time. At that time, the rental server did not rent space, how much you forgot, he also happens to be in the Internet cafe network management, took the Internet bar inside the 10M fiber to do, so it began.

‘s open update technology updates some relevant articles that will open the website really simple, publicity people came to post their own will be like now to register. Registration opened 2-3 months the first advertisement to the name of the IDC is the new technology should remember a ah 400 dollars at that time do not know how many stations IP, I estimate that not many people buy advertising anyway, do a not satisfied, want to do a second mobile phone download station, talk time, choose a new cloud as a download system, then the new cloud looks very fire oh, DEDE hasn’t come out mobile phone movie download site.

just updated every day every day to update technical articles on the forum with the flow do not know how long that time did not know the statistics this stuff, anyway, whenever a resource sent out after half a day to see, downloads hundreds of times at least, there was a 3GP, he first I said I was not humble second, when the network has just started to worry. Just follow the prescribed order to continue. (when the mobile phone resources website is not so commercial) my friend said to go to Shanghai, to maintain the data transfer website ah, I was also fortunate what data concept is not very clear, when the transfer of lost. (usually I am responsible for the technology are not do not know, no) got annoyed… 1 weeks didn’t the you that you shouldn’t you what are not you .

the second site: model Hsu Chi special web

from the first 1 years in June 07 at that time did not know why to do this type of fast, convenient people feel this anyway to see someone casually posting was comfortable that I’m not bad a few dollars a year for the server or afford.. It’s open,

do this website is not easy, you have to update the contents of the content you are not easy to find, in the domestic related websites to find the others not? Wow have seen no use in updating you, but to go abroad to find… Fortunately, here I can download bandwidth is 10M VDSL to 2M+ 1M+ speed is OK so have I never go to update the contents of promotional links is closed by the flow of the search engine with 3 months has been nearly 6000IP in not do not know what is the reason to the Spring Festival. Feel a little tired or to sell for thousands of dollars..>