How to choose the right product to place the site


is an individual station or an enterprise station, choosing a suitable product is critical to the operation of the website.

to think about it, there are many options for publishing our website on the Internet, such as virtual hosting (commonly known as space), shared space, renting VPS (VM hosts), renting servers, and hosting servers. With so many of our products, to stabilize the mind, not in disarray, or spend money, have not received good results.

for virtual hosting and sharing space, security is high, and customer technology input requirements are relatively low, usually without the need for professional technical personnel. Overall is the most economical solution for small businesses and personal sites, such as personal or business stations that do not have downloads or online video, and forums with less traffic. The price is usually 100~2000 yuan / year, usually the server configuration and location of the computer room determine the cost performance of space. And if a server put too much website, it will support the site very slow, and this space, the price is relatively cheap, so webmaster Comrades, select the virtual host, remember to ask the server configuration and placed the size of the space, the real position of the machine, and the best the service provider’s web site in the same room, because the IDC company will choose in all the room in one of the best to put your own website

relative to hire server and hosting server for it, if it is a new webmaster, web server must be used, but not so much money, then hire server is the best, it saves the cost of the purchase of the server, the IDC company has some activities of the machine, some configuration is good. But the price is not expensive. And for those who have their own server webmaster, you can choose according to their own circumstances, is rented or managed?. For example, the machine is now hosted in the telecommunications engine room, and now the site operators need to increase Netcom resources, or you can choose to rent a server.

uses a high degree of freedom of the server, such as assigning permissions, installing software, and so on. But at the same time, the required technology is relatively high, and generally requires professional technology to maintain, and now some companies in order to facilitate customers, but also to do some basic maintenance, known as David services.


, the choice of what kind of products, according to the specific needs of the situation to determine, suggest webmaster friends ask a few more IDC company’s customer service, seek advice from the customer service and service, also can see the overall quality of employees in this company.

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