How to locate the local forum is the key

operation of local forum for more than two years, have some experience, I used to share with you.

I was in 2007 began operating in February Ganxian forum, also has been done before the campus portal station and some other music station what, but there is no perseverance, or sense of direction is not strong, have to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled stopped at last.

now this forum from 2007 operation, and now has achieved some results, the current number of registered people is about to break through 10000 people, this is also due to the original grasp of the local market. Do website, in fact, do popularity, especially our local forum. Can not be bigger, the key point, the local people are on your forum? From search engines may only become traffic, they are not likely to last long in your forum, because your website is only a forum is dead on regional restrictions. Even if the occasional search came in, but also read the information, to get what they need to leave. Therefore, our customer base research should be localized to the local people.

we partition the customer base. A forum where the customer base is divided into the following categories, the first category, is a kind of relatively large, it is in the local life of the people; the second is working outside, the life of the people; the third category is the field in the life of local people. The first category is the main group, their number occupies too much, while living in the county, the county’s understanding is the most; the second is the people working outside, of course, is also included in the study of people, mainly to the people working outside, more of their the dependence of the forum, because a large part of them in the future will be returned to the local life employment, changes in their home has given great attention to the development of their enthusiasm, hometown employment is also very concerned about. In the study on this part of the group to the forum is poor, mainly because they are outside the school, education level is a little high, there are corresponding city forum and alumni forum outside the forum and their hometown orientation levels have a certain gap, but please don’t worry, because they will is your future potential customers, as they enter the society, after participating in the work, their dependence on home forum will increase; third class is foreign personnel in the local life, some of them may be in the shop to do business here, some may work in the unit, came to a strange environment, need to build your social circle again, so eager to use this platform to know more friends.

I analyzed approximately

above a local forum in the customer classification, so we should understand this, how to expand and maintain these members of? I think the party line is very important, for each party, is an important opportunity for everyone to emotional communication, through this meeting, we will also deepen understanding, there are new entrants, who introduced to other friends, a network of relationships open.

Ganxian is a county with 550 thousand Hakka people