Local Forum promotion needs SEO and offline perfect combination

almost every city has its own local forum, such as: Hefei forum, local forum user base, mainly local netizens, of course, if the forum is bigger and stronger, it will attract other people to visit. The promotion of local forums requires a perfect combination of SEO and offline. A forum is most important for popularity, especially in the early stage of the forum operation. At this time, almost no one knows the forum. You need to have a professional forum management team, responsible for the daily maintenance work forum, including writing the original post, reply to u, the forum also need a good optimization in the preparatory work, to a place where friends of the forum as an example, we should pay attention to what aspects of


first: write an original post that conforms to the SEO standard

forum to post early not much, only this time the various sections of the moderator is responsible for a number of update message, the original post is indispensable, for example a Hefei friends of the forum, can write some similar "Hefei city friends give you a piece of sky" so that the original post, which contains the best title keywords optimization such as: Hefei city friends, friends of Hefei forum, it is necessary to do some training on SEO forum moderator. Teach them how to write the original article conforms to the SEO standard, not only to write the original post can attract love, have to do the chain between the post and the post, the role of internal links to SEO all understand. For these good original post, if u have to comment, the moderator will give a timely reply, reply content can not be like irrigation, to carefully review. This will attract users to the forum again, and it will be excellent for the user experience.

second: the name of the plate should pay attention to what keywords

I saw several local friends of the forum, usually love plate set such name: dating, the fate of the sky, the name plate on the Internet there is too much repetition, but not according to the local characteristics, since it is a local forum, so as to some of the more creative name plate. Although the actual meaning of the plate are similar, but the name of innovative often can attract more love. I want a few: Hefei Malatang, Hefei City, Hefei, Hefei and dating the fate of men and women to touch this, only if we play to their creative thinking, and thinking from the demand of users, if one wants to find the local website users will search what keywords? Like Hefei forum, Hefei friends network Hefei, online dating words should be in search of higher frequency, so when we set up in the forum name, best can contain these keywords, also is the long tail word in SEO optimization.

I talk a little more than

forum details of the optimization problem, but it is not comprehensive, in fact, the forum program is mainly DZ and PW, the two open source is the most frequently used, according to their different choice of forum program to do optimization work. Here I do not pull much, talking about the local forum SEO optimization, >