Think about the three major blog systems and give some advice to the novice webmaster

did the blog for the first time. After the forum failed, the space and domain name were idle. Anyway, it was quite a while before it was expired. Why not use it?.

then began to search the Internet for various blog systems. The initial use of that kind of net friend development, low popularity of the blog system, with a period of time found that the function is not very complete, there are many bug. And then gave up a similar blog system, it is recommended that new Adsense must use higher popularity of the blog system. This is not only a functional problem, it is also very convenient to upgrade.

The first

used was zblog, because it was initially contacted at the beginning of the station. When I was a garbage station, I used the free space of Chinese 8U, because without mysql, the first time I built blog, I chose zblog directly. Actually, it’s pretty good. The template is quite rich. It’s one of the highlights of it. Also, the framework developed using asp+access makes it easy to make changes later. But its flaws are obvious, too. For me, I can’t stand file rebuilding again and again, navigation links, extensions to the sidebar, and so on. In a word, zblog is a good system for users who are generally practical. But for beauty and extensions, it’s better to use other blog systems,

After experiencing the zblog for the first time,

had higher requirements for the beauty and expansion of the page. After I bought the virtual host for the first time, I started using WordPress, which is the most complete interface and the most beautiful blog system I have ever used. For me, it’s not just a simple multi-user blog system, it can even be extended to a simple CMS by modifying the template. But in the end, I gave up wordpreess, because it was full of functions, as well as many plugins, and many of them were in english. Just kidding, WordPress is really not enough for me to control. As for English based and web programming based Laoniao, using WordPress is a better choice.

finally chose the domestic emlog, which is now the continental river. Emlog between zblog and WordPress, both practical side, at the same time the interface is quite beautiful. Its biggest two points, I think it is backstage, the design is quite humanized. Using php+mysql architecture, plug-ins and templates are quite rich, the procedure is light and concise. Emlog for novice webmaster, I think it is a good choice.

believes that everyone is using the latest blog system, and whether it’s zblog, WordPress or emlog, talk about that,

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