Zhang Jiakun the industry forum has become a good direction for the success of the Forum

has previously done a local comprehensive forum, called the Chengdu community (www.cdshequ.com). At that time, very excited, basically every day to each webmaster information station learning management, promotion, SEO and so on tutorial, and then study practice. For example: what activities are held, what is held to award registration ah, all of his friends to bring iron man to increase popularity, but has been unable to make big breakthroughs. Eventually failed, and now I am placed in that place, let it free development, not much attention, usually delete ads on the OK. Failure, I ended the failure of the reasons:

1. personal webmaster, manpower is too thin, more stupid, can’t create integrated BBS so much original, also won’t get search engine intimacy. Even if we want to do a comprehensive forum, we also need strong financial resources and manpower to maintain long-term and long-term planning.

2. and not large media website community forum is compared, such as the culmination of these big companies, fourth city and so on, spicy community and large media group forum, others have the original guarantee, a strong guarantee, financial guarantee, human have more talent guarantee.

question, I also no longer analysis, the main problem I think is the two pieces, there is no comprehensive BBS continuous growth of original content, and therefore failed.

I’ve been trying to build a self development forum, because I also engaged in the courier business, a courier company manager, I finally put my forum to express industry forum to the above. I also inspected several courier forums, they are standing in the consumer’s point of view to express the forum, and I am not, I am standing in China’s millions of army courier practitioners from the point of view to do this forum. Because of this, we can be more professional, in order to express the bitterness of express practitioners. I have seen many customers do not express it on the net, the express is not good, but do not ask yourself what is wrong, so the establishment of a response express employees work forum is the purpose of the forum I create.

FedEx Forum: www.expbbs.cn at present is mainly divided into several sections: express courier, express information, join manager exchange, express courier clerk operator exchange, exchange, express logistics mall and several other professional sections, others are not, as professional, to serve more express employees.

after 10 days, I released some express industry news articles, published some articles experience manager, operator, salesman, then I also do express, so we must have their own industry group, and then put their good original articles and experience by sending out your the click rate is high, every day I IP have continued to grow. Now, Baidu and GG have all searched our website. Among them, Baidu’s courier forum keywords ranking also notes ideal, I believe it will slowly go to the top 3.

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